Can we bring our children (or grandchildren) to a cruise?

The answer is yes! They need to on most ships a year old or two, some lines/ships require the children to be be six months or older. I am a grandfather now also and our grandsons are two and four years old, therefore I can report some experiences as soon as we take him. We took our children and grandchildren on a cruise last year for my 65th birthday. My daughter wanted to go on the newest ship at the time from NCL as she liked the water slides. I did not care, but the price was good - the only thing I did not like too much that I had to drive to Miami, a 4+ hour trip from Tampa. This year I invited my family again - but insisted that we go out of Tampa.

Please note, most parents tend to take their children to the buffet as they are afraid that the children will not make it through dinner. I recommend to try it out, you can always leave and go to the buffet, but our grandchildren love to sit at dinner and eat for an hour or two. Give them a chance to choose from the adult menu also, my grandson told my daughter, "I want the snails", and he was eating them. The servers on this NCL ship treated my family with the grandchildren like it was their own family.

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