Cruise Groups

As a Cruise Planners Franchise I have access to many groups that were established by Cruise Planners and to American Express Mariner's Club Groups, as Cruise Planners is an American Express Travel Partner.
If there is a group available from Cruise Planners, you can receive group benefits and/or group pricing, even if you travel alone. Please note that I cannot advertise these rates on the internet as the cruise lines do not allow to advertise prices other than regular prices.
American Express has a large number of groups on luxury cruise ships and on world cruises. Most of these groups are accompanied by hosts hired by American Express and they are organizing coctail parties and special land excursions on most cruises. You do not have to participate, but it is nice to meet other people so you know people on the ship.
Out of my personal experience, my wife and I were on the first segment of the world cruise on Queen Mary 2 in January 2011 for 23 days. There were about 70 people in the Mariner's Club Group and so we met people we knew every day on the ship, which was nice. The shore excursion in Montevideo with a city tour and wine tasting with lunch was the best shore excursion I ever took. This made us decide that we will fly to Uruguay for a vacation in 2012.

If you like to plan a special family event, let me know, I will assist you to find the right ship and itinery for your special cruise. Please note also that we can get you group benefits for many itineries and dates, even if you travel alone. Cruise Planners and American Express have reserved group spaces for many trips - but we are not allowed to advertise these rates to the general public, so please let me know, what you are looking for and I will check if there is a group available.

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