Cruise With Friends Or Family

A cruise is a great way to travel with friends or family for to celebrate a special birthdays or anniversary. To go on a cruise with family is esspecially important if some live far away. My wife and I moved to Tampa, Florida - my parents and my parents-in-law stayed in Germany. I am so glad that we invited my mother-in-law to a cruise out of Tampa to the Western Caribbean before she passed away. I also invited our children so they had some time with grandma. I also invited my mother to a similar cruise out of Tampa and for her 80's birthday to a cruise out of Rome to the Greek Isles and Egypt. On both of these cruises I also invited my children and my son's girl friend.
Memories are not created by mistake, you have to help to create them. You will never say on your death bed "I should not have spent so much time with family and taken them on a cruise", you will regret if you did not!

My mother is 82 now and I realized that if she has something to look forward to, it is much better for her health. So I invited her for the 82nd birthday to another cruise in the Baltic Sea. I had planned a cruise on the Queen Mary 2 out of Hamburg, Germany this May, but my mother and the rest of the family is in Tampa as our daughter gets merried. Therefore I plan this cruise for May 2011.

For my 60th birthday in December of 2010, I invited my family to the Norwegian Cruise Line's (at the time newest ship), the Epic. Last year for my 65th birthday we went with our children and grandchildren on a cruise for a week again out of Miami, this year we invited the family to leave for a week out of Tampa, as we all only have a 30 minute or less commute to the cruise port.

We also cruise quiet often with friends

We have a large number of good friends and we usually cruised together in the Caribbean. A couple of years ago we went on a really nice trip to Venice and from there on the Queen Victoria (the little sister of the Queen Mary 2) to the Greek Isles and Istanbul to Rome. Today with what is going on in Turkey, I would skip Istanbul and maybe also Ephesus, but at the time I had no problem with it.

Cruising with a Church Group is a great idea

As I mentioned earlier, my first cruise was with our church. The fellowship was really great and we met other church members in a different environment and made many new good friends.

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