Food on Cruise Ships, 1st or 2nd seating, freestyle cruising and more

Christian Bellingrath cruised 40+ times in the past years on a wide variety of cruise ships and he will share his experience about the different kinds of food you can find on ships. This chapter will be completed soon.

Generally speaking, the cruise on cruise ships is very comparable to restaurants on land, in many instances much better. They do not have much storage space. Therefore on cruise ships they cannot bring frozen ready to bake breads and rolls, cake, etc. The rolls are made fresh every morning, the same is valid for bread. I have visited the galley of several cruise ships and talked to the chefs and I have seen the great job they are doing. But please do not try to compare apples with oranges. Do not try to compare Carnival to a 5-star restaurant or the Queen Mary to Mac Donalds, that does not work.

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