MSC Cruises

I have cruised many times on MSC now. The first timne my wife and I booked a cabin on the - at that time - newest MSC ship, the Opera. At that time MSC just had come to the Caribbean and they had to get accustomed to the US-American taste, which include fee ice-water and coffee. The food was at that time really Italian, in the meantime they changed it to customer taste slightly.

This year in January my wife and I went on one of MSC nice new ships, the Poesia. We had a nice balcony cabin and the ship was really nice and the entertainment was great. As we picked a themed cruise "Latin Music Cruise", there were a lot of free dance lessons and the teacher was good, he was making these dances really simple, like "Tango for Idiots", or "Salza for Dummies".

On my first cruises with MSC alcohol was not included, but they offered low-cost packages. Now MSC offers many packages that include alcohol, or free children in the cabin, etc.

On the newer ships, MSC offers the Yacht Club. These are special suites that offer a seperate pool, dining room, bar, butler service. Also you have a special check-in where you do not wait in a long line.

My daughter went on a cruise out of Venice on MSC, she told me that she had a great cruise, but what she did not like was that she had to pay for water and they did not serve coffee after dinner at the table. Otherwise she had a great cruise when she went on her honeymoon on MSC.

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