World Cruises

World Cruises start usually at about $ 15,000 per person (for dbl. occupancy) and the highest priced suites are $ 200,000 +. The more you want to spend, the earlier you should book your World Cruise, as the most expensive suites usually sell first.

January 2011, my wife and I fulfilled our dream, we went on a World Cruise (but only the first segment on Queen Mary 2 from New York to Montevideo and then a Southern Transatlantic to Cape Town, where we stayed for two days).

What a great experience this was. The group of passengers was very diverse. We met many people who had been on several World Cruises before and some on their first World Cruise . One couple had never cruised before and went on a full World Cruise without knowing if they liked cruising and ships at all. Needless to say- they loved it.

When planning a World Cruise be aware of the fact, that experienced travel agents can offer you more perks just because they know. Here are only some examples that I would like to share with you.

World Cruises get more and more popular, therefore other cruise lines, who have not offered such cruises before, are starting this kind of cruise, like MSC, who is even including wine and beer with lunch and dinner.

If it is not the first time you are crusing, to book a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas you do not need any special consultation. A World Cruise is something different, you plan to stay three or four months on a ship, so you should think about it carefully. Talk to someone who has cruised with a wide variety of cruise lines and not to sales people in a call center.

You do not have to take the complete world cruise, the cruise lines offer also partial world cruises from about two weeks for the cruisers who do not have the vacation time for a full world cruise.

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